Cylindrical Locks - 9K






Certifications– UL Listed: Listed by Underwriter's Laboratories for use on 3 Hr, A label single swinging doors (4'x10'). GYJT Builders Hardware-single point locks or latches.

American National Standard: ANSI A156.2, Series 4000 Grade 1 (formerly FF-H-106C Series 161.)

The 9K series cylindrical lock has received a notice of acceptance from Miami-Dade County and is considered Miami-Dade County product control approved. "WS" option must be ordered for the lock to include a "Miami-Dade County Product Control Approved" label for inspection purposes.

Finish– BHMA US DESCRIPTION 605 3 bright brass 606 4 satin brass 611 9 bright bronze 612 10 satin bronze 613 10B oxidized satin bronze, oil rubbed 618 14 bright nickel plated 619 15 satin nickel plated 622 19 flat black 625 26 bright chromium plated 626 26D satin chromium plated 690 20 dark bronze

Backset– 2 3/4" standard, 3 3/4" and 5" available.

Chassis– Critical latch and chassis components are brass or corrosion-treated steel. 2 1/16" diameter to fit 2 1/8" hole in door (Conforms to ANSI A115.2). Lost Motion feature available as an option.(see page 11 for special features)

Door thickness– Available for 1 3/4"

Latch– Solid brass 9/16" throw. Front 2 1/4" x 1 1/8" beveled.

Lever handles– Lever handles are a high-quality zinc alloy. Trim components are brass or bronze.Body is approximately 1 5/8" in diameter; Handle is approximately 4 3/4" long (from center-line of chassis). #14 and #15 levers conform to California Administrative Code Title 19 and Title 24. All three styles of levers conform to the Illinois Accessibility Standard.

Mounting– In addition to standard door preparation (ANSI A115.2 for 1 3/4" doors), two additional holes are needed for through-bolts. Through-bolts require two 5/16" diameter holes located at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock positions. A drill jig is provided to insure accuracy of the holes. (see KD303 on back page).

Projection on door– Approximately 2 3/4" when mounted on 1 3/4" door.

C - 3" Convex
D - 3 1/2" Convex
K - 3" Convex - no ring
L - 3 1/2" Convex - no ring

Strike– STK: Conforms to ANSI A115.2 (2 3/4" x 1 1/8" with curved lip & box). S3: Conforms to ANSI A115.2 for 1 3/4" doors (4 7/8" x 1 1/4" with curved lip).S3-7/8: Conforms to ANSI A115.2 for 1 3/4" doors (4 7/8" x 1 7/8" flat)


Products protected by one or more of the following patents:

U.S.: D290,085 4,437,695; 4,428,212; 4,843,852; 4,318,558; 4,428,570; 4,262,507; 4,496,178; 4,779,908; 5,116,170

Canada: 1,194,057; 1,229,358; 1,184,773

Other products patent pending.

















Abrasive Lever Option

Besides complying with a wide variety of accessibility codes and ordinances, Best Access Systems lever handles are available with a special abrasive feature. Abrasive strip on the lever immediately identifies warnings on doors to hazardous areas for the blind. To order: Designate "AL". Note: abrasive strip is available on all levers, except #14, #15, #16 levers in 613 finish.


Lost Motion Feature

The Lost Motion feature allows the lever handle to move 45 degrees from parallel to the horizontal plane without engaging the latchbolt assembly. When the lockset is in the locked mode, this feature makes over-torque or over-lever-age abuse more difficult to achieve. To order: designate "LM".


Non IC Lever Option

The 9K heavy duty cylindrical lock may be adapted to existing keying systems by using a special retrofit lever and throw member that will accept 6 pin single shear-line cylinders from non BEST manufacturers. No internal modifications are required to adapt the 9K to cylinders from the following manufacturers: Corbin-Russwin, Medeco, Sargent, Schlage, Yale. Refer to non-IC Best keying products brochure for more details.


RQE Feature

The 9K lever handle cylindrical can be supplied with a request-to-exit (RQE) switch. A normally open switch provides momentary switch closure when the inside lever is rotated. To order: designate "RQE".


Tactile Lever Option

Tactile levers may be used in areas where improved grip is required or as a warning in hazardous areas. Grooves are machined into the back of the hand grasp portion of the lever to improve grip and/or to provide a sensory warning in hazardous areas. This option can be used for Blind, Safety or Accessibility applications. To order: Designate "TL".





Special accessory jig aids in aligning 5/16" holes for through-bolt mounting. Install the latch first, then insert jig in 2 1/8" bored hole, align with door edge and drill with 5/16" drill bit. A drill jig is included 1 per every 9 locksets with your order. Additional jigs are available upon request. To order: designate KD303.



The KD304A jig kit is made for boring cut outs in wooden doors for ANSI A156.2 series cylindrical/tubular locksets, doors 1 3/8" to 2 1/4" thick. The KD304A kit includes the boring jig (to drill wood doors for 2 3/8" , 2 3/4" , 3 3/4" and 5" backsets), adaptor for 3/8" drill chuck, KD309: 2 1/8" bit, KD318: 1" dia. x 9" bit, KD312: face plate marking chisel 1", KD315: face plate marking chisel 1 1/8", and the KD325: strike plate locating pin. To order: complete kits specify KD304A Kit. All of the individual kit parts listed above may be ordered separately except for the adaptor chuck and jig.




The KD315 faceplate marking chisel locates the mortising for the faceplate of ANSI A156.2 (1 1/8" x 2 1/4" ) cylindrical lockset. A strike plate locating pin KD325 is available for use in conjunction with ANSI A156.2 cylindrical locksets. To order: designate KD312 faceplate marking chisel (1"), KD315 faceplate marking chisel (1 1/8"), KD325 strike plate locating pin.




All 9K locksets require the use of KD317 spanner wrench for door mounting. This tool is included 1 per every 9 locksets with your order. If more are needed, designate KD317 on your order. The KD340 lever return spring tool with its unique design feature is used when replacing the 9K lever return spring. To order: designate KD340.












The chart is the approximate shipping weight for the standard 9K functions locksets. This weight includes the weight of the lockset with the “#15” style lever, “K” style rose, latch, strike package, and box. Listed separately are the approximate weights for “with core” and “less core” shipments.





A. Locksets and Latchsets

Best Access Systems - No Substitution.

1. Locksets must be medium-duty cylindrical type with 2 3/8 inch backset, or greater as specified, with a 1/2 inch throw latchbolt.

2. Provide locksets with Best 7-pin interchangeable core.

3. Locksets and latchsets must conform to ANSI A156.2, Series 4000, Grade 2, and be UL listed.

4. Locksets and cores to be of the same manufacturer to maintain complete lockset warranty.

5. Locks to have solid shank with no opening for access to keyed lever keeper.

6. Keyed lever to be removable only after core is removed, by authorized control key, to allow access to lever "keeper".

7. Permanent core face must be the same finish as the lockset finish.

8. Levers must be zinc material with a minimum wall thickness of .060.


B. Keys and Keying

A. Provide construction cores and keys during the construction period. Construction, control and operating keys and cores shall not be part of the Owner's permanent keying system or furnished on the same keyway as the Owner's permanent keying system. Permanent cores and keys prepared according to the accepted keying schedule will be furnished to the Owner by the local Best Access Systems office prior to occupancy. The Owner or Owner’s agent will install permanent cores and return the construction cores to the Best Access Systems office.

B. All cylinders shall be Best 7–pin, interchangeable core and keyed into a [new] [existing] factory registered Grand Master Key System with a restricted keyway.

C. Permanent keys and cores shall be stamped with the applicable key mark for identification. These visual key control marks or codes will not include the actual key cuts. Permanent keys will also be stamped ["Do Not Duplicate".] ["U.S. Gov.-Do Not Duplicate".] [ .]

D. Grand Masterkeys, Masterkeys and other Security Keys shall be transmitted to the Owner by U.P.S., delivery confirmation requested.

E. Furnish keys in the following quantities: 1 each Grand Masterkey 2 each Masterkeys per set 1 each Change key per each keyed core 2 each Construction masterkeys 2 each Control keys

F. Computer key and core control software Best Access System Keystone® 600 will be provided and registered to the owner by the local Best Access Systems office. The owner will furnish compatible hardware to operate the key and core control program. The Best Access Systems office will provide initial training on computer key and core control as well as on-going support including software updates.





BEST Peaks®– For advanced solutions in key control and security, BEST offers Peaks®, the most adaptable and cost effective patented keying system on the market. The patented mechanism ensures that cylinders and cores will only operate with the Peaks® keys, which are only available through authorized BEST distributors.

For BEST products, Peaks® offers the security and convenience of a patented solution for interchangeable core. Peaks® is also available to adapt to a wide variety of locks from other manufacturers. All cylinders can be keyed into the same system, providing you the ability to operate all the locks at your facility using a single key, regardless of the lock manufacturer.






8KL3 Deadlocking Latch

Bolt throw – 9/16"

Backset – 2 3/4"

Front – 2 1/4" x 1 1/8" beveled.

Tube – To fit 1" diameter hole in door edge.

To order: (with unit) designate “83K” on how to order (page 3). To order: (without unit) designate “8KL3-SL” (Spring Latch) or DL (Deadlocking Latch) and finish.


8KL4 Deadlocking Latch

Bolt throw – 9/16"

Backset – 3 3/4"

Front – 2 1/4" x 1 1/8" beveled.

Tube – To fit 1" diameter hole in door edge.

To order: (with unit) designate “84K” on how to order (page 3).

To order: (without unit) designate “8KL4-SL” (Spring Latch) or DL (Deadlocking Latch) and finish.


8KL5 Deadlocking Latch

Bolt throw – 9/16"

Backset – 5"

Front – 2 1/4" x 1 1/8" beveled.

Tube – To fit 1" diameter hole in door edge.

To order: (with unit) designate “85K” on how to order (page 3).

To order: (without unit) designate “8KL5-SL” (Spring Latch) or DL (Deadlocking Latch) and finish.






8KS3-7/8 Flat Strike

Dimension: Conforms to ANSI A115.2 for 1 3/4" doors (4 7/8" x 1 7/8" flat)

To order: (with unit) designate “S3-7/8” on how to order (page 3).

To order: (without unit) designate 8KS3-7/8 and finish.


8KS3 Strike

Dimension: Conforms to ANSI A115.2 for 1 3/4" doors (4 7/8" x 1 1/8" with curved lip).

To order: (with unit) designate “S3” on how to order (page 3).

To order: (without unit) designate 8KS3 and finish.


8KS2 Strike (Supplied Standard)

Dimension: Conforms to ANSI A115.2 for 1 3/8" doors (2 3/4" x 1 1/8" with curved lip and box).

To order: (with unit) designate “STK” on how to order (page 3).

To order: (without unit) designate 8KS2 and finish.





STK Strike (Standard)



S3 Strike



9K door preparation with through-bolt mountings


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